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Chief Executive


Elaine Oram

Chief Executive Officer & Senior Safeguarding Lead

The Chief Executive is accountable for the day to day running of the Association to ensure the effective delivery of its Business Plan and The National Game Strategy.


Management team

Leanne Woodhead photograph

Leanne Woodhead

Business Development Manager & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

The Business Development Manager is responsible for and manages the County Development Team at the Association, with a specific remit for Facility Development and Funding.


Craig Lee Photograph

Craig Lee

Football Services Manager

Responsibility to support the delivery of The FA National Game Strategy in Nottinghamshire, managing the Football Services section of the business, and proactively leading the governance of the game across the County.


Football development team

Callum Convery Photograph

Callum Convery

Senior Football Development Officer

Football Development Officer, with a specific focus on Male Participation. Callum leads on all male football youth and adult including Just Play, Recreation, Walking Football and Futsal. Callum also manages and leads the Football Development Team


Sara Dickinson, Football Development Officer

Sara Dickinson

Football Development Officer

Sara has a specific development focus on Disability and Inclusion, leading on The Nottingham Disability Football Family Project, which provides inclusive football opportunities across the county. She also works closely with our inclusive teams and leagues, ensuring there is an opportunity for all to play a version of football in Nottinghamshire.




Marc Birkett Photograph

Marc Birkett

Referee Development Officer

Responsible for Developing and supporting the Referee workforce in Nottinghamshire and appointing to County Competitions where appropriate.


Fiona Cantwell, Football Development Officer

Fiona Cantwell

Football Development Officer

Fiona is responsible for the strategic delivery of all aspects linked to Workforce Development, in line with the Nottinghamshire FA County Plan. Fiona leads on successful delivery of our Annual Workforce Programme to support and upskill our volunteer workforce; as well as being the point of contact for FA learning.


Safeguarding & Welfare

Ali Howie Photograph

Ali Howie

Designated Safeguarding Officer

The Designated Safeguarding Officer has a key responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults, in line with legislation and FA policy and procedures.


Fraser Williamson photograph

Fraser Williamson

Football Services Officer



Football Services team

Adam Wing

Football Services Officer

Adam leads on misconduct investigations, and processes charges to cases. He sets up commissions and acts as the Secretary on these, then processes results of commissions and will liaise with clubs, organisations and referees.


Julie Mitchell, Football Administrator

Julie Mitchell 

Football Services Administrator

Julie is responsible for the administration of yellow and red cards, as well as player suspensions. She is the support contact for The FA WGS player registration system for the leagues and will also administer the County Cups using FA Full Time.


Debbie Mitchell Photograph

Debbie Irving 

Football Services Officer

Debbie is responsible for implementing the club affiliation process, league sanctioning process and supports the development officers with administrational support in the Football Workforce area.



Brian Hambidge – Chairman

Peter Adams  - Vice-Chairman

Robin Bourne

John Wheat

Elaine Oram

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