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The FA's 3-part safeguarding strategy

 Creating A Safe Environment

We are committed to ensuring everyone involved in football across Nottinghamshire is able to do so in a safe environment, by providing FA Safeguarding Children Courses and Welfare Officer Workshops as well as bespoke best practice and Resect workshops in Clubs and Leagues, which will raise awareness of suitable behaviour and more importantly, highlight how to report concerns within football.

We also carry out validation visits at clubs and league venues to ensure good practice is taking place and that safeguarding commitments are being met.

If you would like any guidance or advice on creating a safe environment in your club please contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer on

Getting The Right People Involved

We work with all Clubs and Leagues to ensure that any individual in a role that involves teaching, mentoring, training or supervising on a regular basis carries out an FA Criminal Record Check.

If you are a volunteer within a club that has youth teams, your first point of call should be your Club Welfare Officer. Your Club Welfare Officer will be able to help you start your CRC as well as complete the verification of documents required as part of the CRC process.

If you are a referee and need to obtain or renew a CRC, you will need to contact Marc Birkett or Melissa Burgin on 0115 983 7400 to get you started. You will need to be able to provide the documents you wish to use to us in order to complete the verification process.

With these measures in place, along with the option of completing an FA Safeguarding Children Workshop, we can help keep football safe, not sorry.

Creating Clear Systems

It is vital that there are clear reporting systems in place in football to ensure that any poor practice or safeguarding concerns are investigated properly.

Each Club and League with a junior section needs to have a qualified Welfare Officer in place in order to complete the affiliation process. They will then be the point of contact for poor practice concerns.

If the concern is more serious than poor practice or it is outside of football, then you can contact Julia Crone, Designated Safeguarding Officer or a relevant statutory agency.


Everyone has a responsibility to report any safeguarding concerns #FOOTINTHEDOOR