Welfare and CRC

It is mandatory for all Youth Clubs to ensure members who train, care for, supervise or work alone with children under 18 years of age have been CRC checked. This includes Club Welfare Officers (CWO), managers, coaches, first aiders, club referees and minibus drivers.

Welfare Officer

Nottinghamshire FA requires that all youth clubs (U18 and below) appoint a designated Club Welfare Officer. The officer is required to apply for FA Criminal Record check (CRC) through the FA CRB Unit and have attended the FA Safeguarding Children workshop and Welfare Officer's workshop before the affiliation of a club is accepted. 

Youth League's are also required to appoint a League Welfare Officer prior to sanctioning of the league by the County FA. 

For new Welfare Officers a pack has been designed to provide Welfare Officers with the essential information needed to carry out duties over the season along with easy links to more detailed, in-depth information and guidance hosted on TheFA.com. 

The Information Pack includes sections on: 

• Safeguarding policy, procedures & regulations 
• Best Practice Guidance 
• Enhanced Criminal Record Checks 
• The Online Safeguarding Service 
• Safeguarding Children Education 

The pack also includes a series of appendices, which you can use for reference to guide your work programme through the season, along with an Additional Information and Important Contacts section which includes an area for you to fill in your local contacts.

To view the pack see attached documents below.

CRC Checks

Nottinghamshire Football Association in line with The Football Association requires Criminal Records Checks (CRC) of people who carryout supervision of Children in Football (Regulated Activity) in an unsupervised capacity as part of responsible recruitment in Football. The Law through the Protection of Freedom Act 2012 has meant changes to the process. The Law describes Regulated Activity and who requires a check. It also allows the FA to see Criminal Histories as well as being fair to ex offenders. It does however prohibit barred persons working with children. 

In consultation with the Government the roles in football which require a CRC are: 
Club Welfare Officers, Team Managers and Assistant (including managers and coaches known as Assistant Managers or Coaches or Parent Helper Coaches, First Aiders, Physios and other health care professionals, Referees, Referee Mentors, Referee Coaches and Assessors in U18 Football, Mentors, Fitness Coaches, Psychologist.

What is a CRC?

A CRC is a way of checking a person's history to make sure that they do not have any previous convictions that means they are not safe to work with children. The FA use Enhanced Disclosure checks only, which show people's conviction history (offences that they have been found guilty of), information that might be considered relevant (for example if a person has had their children on a Child Protection register for sexual abuse) and whether hey are banned by the courts from working with children.

How much do they cost and how can I get one?

CRC online cost £10 for a volunteer in Football. 

Paper copy costs £20.

We recommend that your club Welfare Officer registers your club for online application by emailing FAChecks@thefa.com or by telephoning 08452102080. 

Please note that the County can only accept CRCs issued through the FA (TMG.TV Ltd). 

For further information on Welfare and CRC's please contact Ali Howe on 0115 9837418

Useful Guidance Videos for Club Welfare Officers

Video 1: Club CRC Registration

Video 2: CRC Applications

Video 3: CRC Verification

Video 4: What Next? Following up

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