UEFA B Class

UEFA B Class of 2017/18

We’d like to introduce you to the coaching community of Nottinghamshire, the 2017/18 cohort of the newly revamped FA UEFA B coaching qualification.

Launched countrywide in September, the new course is the pinnacle of grassroots coaching, and the new course puts individual coach development at the heart of its delivery.

The course is delivered in 4 blocks, each of which is in line with a specific aspect of the England DNA

How We Coach

How We Play

How We Support

The Future Player

Between the face to face blocks, students on the course compile a project which outlines their work over 18 delivered training sessions with their players, each linked to a match day. This project is supported by 3 in situ visits by a tutor to the students session. This gives an opportunity for the tutor to observe the coach work in their own environment, with their own players giving a far more realistic experience for the coach.

The 24 students began their season long journey on a wet and windy Friday morning in September, at Nottingham Trent University, with block 1 of the course delivered by FA tutors Chris Dowhan, Steve Pritchard and Gary Webb.

The Coaches were asked for their thoughts about Block 1 of the course, and here are a few highlights

“I've really enjoyed the course so far. Having spoken to people who did the old UEFA B, the new course seems to have been designed around the needs of the coaches and their teams - by basing the project around our coaching journey and philosophy, we've been encouraged to apply the knowledge from the course in a way which is appropriate to the players and teams we coach” Forest RTC U12s and Goalkeeping coach Pat Oakes

“The tutors Chris Dowhan, Gary Webb and Steve Pritchard delivered the course with great enthusiasm, passion, and were the perfect role models. They took time to answer my questions and did so in depth, they truly went above and beyond. I have been on many sports courses, and this is by far the best” Forest Community Trust coach Sarah Richardson

“A real plus for me was understanding  the benefits of having a footballing philosophy and how that can be used to structure how your team plays and how you design sessions to achieve outcomes built around your philosophy. The Facility where we did block one was brilliant and I am looking forward to the In Situ visit and Block two” Ilkeston Town FC assistant manager Craig Swinscoe.

“I’ve already started to put many of the things I picked up on that first weekend into practice and I can’t wait to catch up with everyone on Block 2 in December.” Nottingham Forest Ladies reserve team manager Nigel Hudson.

“The course is exactly what I was hoping for, a classroom full of passionate coaches wanting to extend their knowledge and experiences. The tutors were amazing by stretching your thought process in all situations. The principles of play were delivered in great detail giving a great insight and how to relates to game like practices” Toton Tornados coach Nigel Thrower

If all goes well, if the coaches demonstrate their competence to coach at the required level, and complete their project, the class of 2017/18 will graduate as Level 3/UEFA B coaches in June next year. We wish them all the very best, and hope they enjoy their journey over the next 8 months and beyond.

The UEFA B course is now delivered at a local level. At the present time there is 1 course of 24 per season. Details of how to apply to be part of the class of 2018/19 will be released towards the end of the 2017/18 season, so watch this space.  

Nottinghamshire FA UEFA B group photo