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Coaches Club returns for 201819

First of all, we would like to say thank you to everyone who has signed up to the Coaches Club so far and to those who attended the CPD events last season. After what we think proved to be a successful first year of launching the Notts FA Coaches Club, it’s that time of the year again where football is back and we’re ready to go again!

Before planning started for the season ahead, we wanted to get your feedback as to your thoughts and what you want to see more of, here are a few snippets of what was said:

“Congratulations on what has clearly been a successful first year of the Coaches Club. The Pete Sturgess event was the first that I’d been able to make, and I’ll be looking to move any diary clashes in the future so that I can attend more of these events!”

“Really good events, well organised and run, I would like to see some of the following next season: nutrition, dealing with parents, more psychology, more insight into how profession clubs operate such as analysis.”

“I attended the end of season event and loved it, but being able to view a session plan of the training exercise and a presentation explaining the session would have been useful.”

So based on this…

What can you expect from the Coaches Club this season?

The overriding theme from the feedback received, was you want to continue to see more events happening! We already have a number of events confirmed in the diary (see CPD event section of the newsletter), and currently planning in many more which will be looking at a variety of topics covering everything from the practical side to coaching - behavioural management - the planning involved… hopefully there will be something for everyone!

More prizes! We will be continuing to hold a raffle draw at the end of CPD events where everyone who attends will be in with the chance to win coaching related prizes. We have upped our game on prizes this year, they’re definitely worth winning! There will also be a new coaching notepad available for everyone who attends a CPD event, so don’t miss out!

Monthly Newsletters, each month you will receive a newsletter which keeps you up to date on the latest news within the county surrounding all things coaching, gives you the chance to steal the ‘Session of the Month’ to implement within your team, and lets you be the first to hear any new announcements we have.

The 2018/19 End of Season Event, after the success of the event in July, we are keen to ensure it’s just as good if not better next year, updates to be announced soon!