League football in Nottinghamshire is thriving. There are currently 16 Affiliated and Sanctioned Leagues through Nottinghamshire FA which include competitive football in organised Adult, Youth, Mini Soccer and Disability leagues.

As part of the Whole Game System (WGS) roll-out you will now administer and, where the club wishes, pay using the online portal for all disciplinary processes (including appeals).

Clubs can still pay via club cheque books by printing invoices off if the club/secretary do not wish to pay by card online.

A club’s appointed secretary will be notified, by email, when new cases appear in their user area. Moving forward, clubs will also receive warnings when cases are nearing a late fee in order to save clubs vital funds.

In order to help you make this transition please watch this video guide which should answer any questions.

We have also broken this video down into bite-size sections to help with your specific needs:

In addition to these video guides, there is also an interactive handbook accessible by clicking below:



Andrew Saunders of AFC Mansfield found the new portal extremely useful"I received the notification on the Whole Game System in the morning of two cautions and after watching the video on discipline, which was excellent, I was able to quickly acknowledge the cautions and pay online.

As the system is new there were some challenges, but I found the acknowledgement and payment process quite simple to follow."


  • Instant payment, 24/7 (although invoices can be printed and cheques returned if preferred)
  • The club secretary can delegate responsibility of administration for teams within a club to other officers of the club in order to cut the administrational burden placed on one individual, although the secretary will still be able to view all club discipline (feature due to be released)
  • Quicker processing times – once we receive and process a disciplinary report, you have access to it in the portal instantly
  • Immediate notification of a misconduct case, meaning clubs truly have 14 days to respond to a charge
  • A saving in postage costs for clubs who previously mailed in responses regarding disciplinary paperwork

Should you not receive any expected discipline within 7 days of the offence date, please contact us.

The future:

The FA will shortly be commencing work on the integration of their ‘Full-Time’ system with Whole Game System. For those leagues who operate with Full-Time, it will further enhance the service provided by pre-populating such items as fixtures due to be missed under a suspension or a recalculation of fixtures when a postponement occurs. It will also have a link to player registrations administered through Full-Time.

It is an exciting time in terms of lowering the administration burden on clubs, in particular those with a minimal amount of officers and we are delighted to be providing a service fit for the times and, should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us and book an appointment to discuss these or seek guidance over the phone/by contacting WGSInquiry@nottinghamshirefa.com

To clarify: clubs will no longer receive paper copies of disciplinary paperwork, although a club may download this from its portal area.


Should you need any assistance in getting used to the new online portal please contact us on WGSInquiry@nottinghamshirefa.com or 0115 9837400.

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