Whole Game System

The Whole Game System is a ground-breaking online administration system that will make running a football club a lot easier.

Please click the links below to view whole game videos.

Whole Game System will let you...

  • Affiliate to The Nottinghamshire FA online
  • Manage finance online including payments
  • Process discipline online
  • Submit Charter Standard applications online
  • Apply for league sanctions online
  • Manage player registrations online
  • Have 24/7 access to your club records

    Click here for the link to the Whole Game system on line

    As Whole Game System will be managed online, grassroots volunteers will need an up-to-date email address that they can use to access the system.  Please update and check your details on Member Services on the Nottinghamshire FA website.  If you are having difficulties accessing the site to update your records please call the Nottinghamshire FA on 0115 9837402

    What is the Whole Game System?
    Whole Game is the new On-Line Football Administration System designed by The Football Association to enable Clubs and Referees to administer their day to day activities simple and efficiently without the need to send or receive letters via the post to and from your County FA.

    For Referees, they can now register on-line, they can also submit all misconduct reports via Whole Game, no need for the old template reports that were completed and emailed to the County FA’s. The New system streamlines the discipline process, it knows who the clubs are, in which Leagues and Competitions they play, and if the League is on Full Time, it already knows the players that are registered.

    For Clubs in Nottinghamshire the first step this year is to go-online and complete your affiliation for the new season. This is a very much simplified process which commences with the existing data that we know about your club, you either change the data or confirm the existing is correct, confirm your County Cup entries and details of your Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance and finally choose how and when to pay your fees.

    From the commencement of the new season, all of your discipline will be administered via Whole Game, you will see all cautions and misconduct charges for your players via your Club Dashboard, and have the ability to administer them all on-line without the need of for paper forms to sign and return with cheques any more.

    The purpose of the Whole Game System is to provide grassroots volunteers and the wider Football workforce a streamlined and accessible administration experience.

    For any further information please contact Jamie Gingell.

    Jamie Gingell
    Finance Officer
    0115 9837402

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