NCLFC Season Review with Carly Telford


The Female game in 2015 has exploded, with The FA WSL reaching record attendance figures and The FIFA Women's World Cup capturing the nation's attention.

Notts County Ladies FC have experienced this rise in popularity first hand, who now attract a large number of football fans in Notts to watch the Lady Pies at Meadow Lane.

With the WSL1 Season now over and with a Continental Cup Final just around the corner for the pies, we caught up with shot-stopper Carly Telford for an insight into what has been an extraordinary year for a female footballer.

Carly, thanks for joining us again and congratulations on your season – Are you happy with how it went? "Thanks for having me again! Well, it's a difficult one, I think if you would have said to me at the beginning of the year, you will play at Wembley, go to a world cup and win bronze, finish higher than last year and make the Continental Cup Final, I'd have bit your hand off! I have had an amazing year. However, as a team we set our bar high, we were disappointed at Wembley as we just didn’t show what we were all about and we have finished higher but with less points, so hopefully we can show our worth and bring the club some silverware."

The WSL has been huge this year, with the Women’s World Cup in the middle and the record attendance figures last weekend. Are you excited for next season and more importantly, do you think the pies can go all the way? "It's honestly been one of the best years I’ve been part of for the Women's game, the World Cup obviously had a huge impact for Women's sport in general. I truly believe we have given girls of all ages a real belief that they can achieve whatever they want and not let anyone stop them, football, hockey, cricket, netball this summer have all given the next generation the chance so many didn’t, the opportunity to believe in something or someone.

Our fans have been fantastic, and like every club will say they have the best but if clubs are honest Nottingham have truly backed this club, we now have at least one coach load for away games and consistently have 1000+ at games we hope that next year we can bring some silverware to this club as a thank you. We owe it to the city and the fans."

The team almost had their hands on The FA Cup this year, that will have been a fantastic occasion to be part of, just how hard was it to come so close to winning? "It was amazing to walk out with the girls in front of so many friends, but more importantly, my family. As a kid you set your goals up in a field with your jumpers, pick your teams and then I'd usually pretend what stadium you're in! For me, it was always St. James Park as a Newcastle fan! Or it would be Wembley, I never thought that one day it would come true. It was amazing, being part of history that will never change, the first women's FA Cup to be played there!

However, it was a day of mixed emotions, it felt like we just hadn’t turned up and didn’t show what could really do, so it was obviously a proud moment for all of us but disappointing. Hopefully we can get an opportunity to put that right very soon." 

There is still chance for Silverware in the Continental Cup Final, how much would it mean to you and the squad to finish this season with a trophy? "Now, it means everything! "e have 2 months to rest before we start again next year, it's all or nothing, the squad may or may not be the same next year so we now have a chance to end the season with a very special memory. For the World Cup girls we have a bronze, a silver from the FA Cup and now a chance of a little bit of gold which would be amazing. I won it when it was the League Cup with Leeds when Rick was in charge, I would love nothing more than to do it again!

Thanks for joining us Carly, before you go, can you give us your personal highlight of the season? "I have many, winning at Goodison Park which meant we made the FA Cup Final. Making the World Cup squad and winning a bronze medal, walking out in front of my friends and family at Wembley. Hopefully I'll be able to add being a winner on November 1st!"

Notts County Ladies FC take on Arsenal Ladies FC in the Continental Cup Final on November 1st at Rotherham United's Ground.

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