Nottinghamshire Female Pathway

Announcement regarding the Youth female pathway in Nottinghamshire

Over the past couple of months there has been some confusion with regards to female football in Nottinghamshire and this has been more so since the opportunities being created within the County have increased which is fantastic news for the game. I would therefore on behalf of Nottinghamshire FA like to offer some clarity.

Female Pathway

The image above is the Female football pathway, the foundation of this pathway and the biggest section is built up of grassroots clubs, community football and schools football. This grassroots can be whether girls play within all girls’ teams in girls’ leagues, all girls’ teams in boys’ leagues or within mixed football teams. I would like to stress that players competing within Grassroots football which is the 3 above options then players are eligible to sign for more than one team as long as they do not compete within the same competition. The only stipulation is that each age group will have a maximum playing time they are able to play in one day; they will also need to be registered within the relevant club/league.

The next step in the Female Pathway is the Regional Talent Clubs (there are advanced coaching centres in certain areas of the county such as the South West to meet their specific needs but not in the East Midlands). Nottinghamshire currently has a license for a Tier 3 RTC which is ran by Nottingham Forest in the Community. This is the official pathway promoted and supported by the FA and it is at this level only within the County that players are contracted meaning they cannot play for another team. The U12’s will compete within the YEL on Saturday’s whilst the U14’s and U16’s compete against other RTC’s.

The female game is growing and it is thanks to all the volunteers that have put in so much hard work and effort over the years from the league, coaches, clubs, parents and players. If anyone has any question around any part of the female pathway please do not hesitate to get in touch as we understand that now the opportunities are increasing certain elements could become confusing.


Leanne Woodhead (Senior Football Development Officer)


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