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Nottinghamshire MIND and Rampton Hospital have recently come together to deliver a series of coaching workshops


Nottinghamshire FA, along with their chosen charity of the year, Nottinghamshire MIND and Rampton Hospital have recently come together to deliver a series of coaching workshops.

 Rampton Hospital

The five week Football Coaching Course was initially set up with the intention to upskill 8 patients at Rampton Hospital, giving them the opportunity to further their skill set and the possibility to put their learning to use coaching other patients.


This coaching project was the first of its kind and has been a resounding success among those involved. One participant said he is looking forward to ‘use the skills I’ve learnt with friends and inspire others.’ The intention was to leave a lasting legacy to patients at the hospital and give the opportunity to receive a qualification to benefit toward safe and effective coaching to others.


In previous years Notts County have delivered football sessions to the patients of Rampton as part of Nottinghamshire FA’s EFL and Nottingham Disability Football Family partnership, this is why the county FA was so keen to develop on this work to leave a legacy and ensure football will remain a huge part of the recovery process provided by Rampton Hospital.


The course was delivered by Notts FA affiliate tutor, Dave Long and Nottinghamshire MIND funded the project as part of their ‘Get Set To Go’ campaign, which was set up and supported by Sport England and the National Lottery.

Dale from the programme said they are ‘so proud to have worked with Notts FA on the Get Set To Go coaching programme. Providing the resource that allowed staff to be able to go on and provide full football coaching to participants within Rampton. The programme was a great success and enjoyed by all. Seeing the commitment from both staff and the participants was truly over whelming and made all the hard work from all involved worthwhile. We certainly hope that the links between us can continue in the future.’ Get Set To Go, works to increase your physical activity levels and find an activity you'll enjoy so you can feel the physical, social and mental benefits of being active, whether that be through playing, officiating or coaching like this project.

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James Routen, Health & Fitness Manager at Rampton Hospital, played a huge part in getting this programme up and running. He said “It’s been a fantastic opportunity and pleasure to work with Nottinghamshire FA and Nottinghamshire MIND on this collaborative project.

In current challenging financial times, it has become increasingly difficult to fund external coaches coming into the hospital to deliver sessions to our patients.  The Health and Fitness team and I were incredibly grateful and excited when Nicola Robertson and Dale Jubbie of MIND approached us through Ian Richardson at Notts County FC to inform us of the “Get Set Go” funding opportunity.  We felt it was important to spend this funding on a sustainable project, which would set up our patients and two members of the team, Ian and Greg, with the skills to be able to continue providing quality football coaching sessions for years to come.”


This project and its success have started what is set to be a great long-lasting partnership with both Nottinghamshire MIND and Rampton Hospital. ‘When we were approached by Rampton Hospital it was something completely different for us to get involved with, and through speaking with James (Rampton) it was clear that the potential success of this could be huge and we were keen to make this work’ Nottinghamshire FA’s Fiona Cantwell reflects.  ‘Through working with Rampton and Nottinghamshire Mind we have been overwhelmed by the positive partnerships created, and as the course went on it became more apparent of the value of having each organisation involved. From day one the candidates fully engaged with the course content and over time it was clear to see their confidence, communication and teamwork skills drastically improve, which exceeded everyone’s expectations! This has been one of our most enjoyable and rewarding projects to work on, and we’d like to personally thank everyone at Rampton and Nottinghamshire MIND who have helped make this a success.’

Nottinghamshire FA are now looking forward to delivering some further opportunities to work with those who otherwise wouldn’t get opportunities like this.