Walking Football

Walking Football is a slow-paced version of the beautiful game aimed at the over 55s.

Walking Football is designed to help people keep an active lifestyle despite their age, as well as getting those back playing football who had to stop due to injuries.

As the name suggests, Walking Football is non-contact and anyone that sprints, runs or jogs while the ball is in play will be penalised with a free-kick awarded to the other team.

The game is played on a pitch 20/40 yards in length and 15/30 yards in width with a size 4 Futsal, with the game restarted via a kick, roll or throw-in.

Plenty of breaks for stretching and water occur and a full medical screening process is advised.

Here's what a few of the players think:

Laurence Low, 55

Chris Purser, 57

"I am very much interested in Walking Football because it's got a good social aspect, it's a good place to meet new friends, it keeps you fit and it's a lot better than the alternative, which is doing nothing!" 

"I had to pack up playing 11v11 over 30 years
ago due to a back injury. I've now managed to
get it sorted and wanted to get back playing 5-a-side
but there was nothing available in my area until I found Walking Football at Harvey Hadden. I'm just mad about playing football, I like watching it but I prefer to be out there playing it, you only live once so get out there and enjoy yourself!"

There are centres for Walking Football popping up all over the County. We have a list of those we know about here.

For more information on Walking Football please contact:

Callum Convery
Football Development Officer
0115 9837419

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