Development Group

Referee Development Group Meeting April 2016

Once again, the lads met at the Hosiery Mills for the usual kick off time of 6:30,  commencing our intense ‘fitness’ regime by none other than Stu! Earlier in the day, Stu, Sean, Simon and myself seriously tested our fitness ability by officiating in the u16 Premier League kicks tournament. Once the fitness session had been completed we scurried back to the changing room for showers then met Duds inside the pavilion to go through Dave’s agenda in his absence.

Once this was cleared up, we split into groups to complete a law’s of the game test (3 questions), these questions were to test whether we actually knew the basics of refereeing but obviously there is always one! We completed this task in little time which then allowed us to move onto the big task, analysing Karl!

This part of the session led to the group breaking down and analysing the clips given to us from Karl’s u18 game at Hucknall Town. These clips allowed people to either agree or disagree with the decision made and what Karl could have done in terms of development and improvement but also to praise the good work showed by Karl.

The clips covered various aspects of refereeing from Tempo management, foul recognition, Advantage, free kick management and positioning both open play and set peice.

After the prolonged period of time we spent working on Karl, we sat as a group and discussed the strangest events that have happened to us during our refereeing careers and as you can imagine, this brought some laughs. For example, Ken refereed a fixture where a player appeared to be injured therefore treatment was called, only for the player to run off the pitch and go to ‘high five’ the opposing manager, and this sparked outrage in the game! Kens age and experience payed dividends to this situation as he approached the dugouts, called the player out and cautioned him.

A more serious situation was involving Jacko where it’s a 1v1 situation between attacker and goalkeeper, the goalkeeper slides in for a challenge and wins the ball but also fouls the attacker in the process, Ian then awards the penalty and cautions the goalkeeper, however little did Ian expect to be abandoning the game due to the attacker suffering a broken leg. The player did not scream in pain, he just said ‘ref, I think I’ve broken my leg’- we then spoke as a group and agreed that shock was probably the cause of why there was not a greater reaction from the player.

An enjoyable evening once again, plus we all managed to learn something new, once again from all the lads, we would like to thank the coaches who were in attendance for another great meeting.

Fraser Williamson Level 5 Referee