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The FA were the first national governing body in English sport to introduce a regional code of governance, which sets a higher precedent than the current gold standard for sport and aims to provide support and guidance to those running the grassroots game up and down the country.

It takes elements from Tier 3 of the Sport England code of governance - the current gold standard - adapting and elevating them further to work specifically for football at every level of a County FA.

The code outlines key requirements underpinned by five key principles: structurepeoplecommunicationstandards and conduct; and policies and processes.

As the national sport that millions of people play and support across the country, it is important that The FA and CFAs serve and lead the game as effectively as possible. This new regional code of governance will support that by ensuring County FAs are best placed to deliver football as well as represent and support the communities they serve.

Notts FA Board Structure

Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

Nottinghamshire County FA are committed to aim to increase the diversity of our Board to ensure that it reflects the Nottinghamshire football community.

Gender Diversity on the Board.

The female membership of our Board is currently 42%. We aim to ensure this percentage does not fall below 30%.

Ethnic Diversity on the Board.

We do not have a current board member who is from an ethnic minority. According to the national census 2021, the population of Nottinghamshire is 88% white. The directors of Nottinghamshire FA are committed to maintaining a committee which is representative of the Nottinghamshire community.

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