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  • SCW – Safeguarding Children Workshop
  • WOW – Welfare Officer Workshop
  • Online SCM – Safeguarding for Committee Members
  • CS – Charter Standard Clubs. Every team within a club requires 1 x SCW, 1 x First Aid, 1 x CWO
  • BP – Best Practice/Educational needs

*Everyone aged 16 years or over who undertakes any unsupervised roles with children.

These roles could be managing, training, coaching and supervising. They include giving advice or guidance on well-being, caring for children or driving a vehicle solely for children on behalf of a club or organisation. And by children, we mean anyone under 18.

Anyone performing these roles MUST obtain an Enhanced Criminal Record with Children’s Barred List Check. This Check is made against the Government’s national list of those people barred from working with children (the ‘Children’s Barred List’). Then the checked person has to be approved to work in youth football.

For a full list of those eligible go to:


As part of the Level 1 qualification, coaches take a module called ‘How We Support’.

Part of this module is about safeguarding, which is made up of a two-hour workshop, followed by a one-hour online course, which is taken in the learner’s own time.

Once both parts are completed the safeguarding qualification is awarded.

The FA recommends that everyone working with under-18s renews their safeguarding education every three years. FA Licensed Coaches and coaches working in under-18s’ teams in FA Charter Standard clubs are required to do this.

Referees must update their training to register for the 2020/21 season.

Re-certification can be done by completing the free online course which can be taken in the learner’s own time, at their own pace or by re-attending a safeguarding children workshop.

This online course is available to anyone who has an existing Safeguarding Children Workshop (SCW) qualification or re-certification that is more than two years old.

It includes material on:

This workshop is a requirement for everyone volunteering to be a club welfare officer. The course explores the skills, attributes, roles and responsibilities of the welfare officer and the toolkit available to support the role. It focuses on the importance of safe recruitment, building blocks that help make a safer club, addressing concerns, as well as building the welfare officer’s confidence regarding how and when to seek help and advice.

Before enrolling on this course, learners must have completed the Safeguarding Children Workshop or the safeguarding element of the Level 1 for coaches and have an accepted FA DBS check that is less than three years old. To enroll on this course, please follow the link below to your local County FA website:

This free online course is written for Secretaries, Chairpersons, Treasurers and Club Welfare Officers in clubs with under-18 teams.

The course explores the key safeguarding building blocks in clubs such as:

  • Effective committees;
  • Safer recruitment
  • Building safe environments;
  • Recognising and reporting concerns;
  • Whistle-blowing.

The course also stresses how important the committee is in supporting the club welfare officer to embed safeguarding.

Secretaries, Chairpersons, Club Welfare Officers and Treasurers must complete this course to enable clubs with under 18 teams to affiliate.

Please note: even if a person holds more than one role they only need take the course once.

To access this course, download the PDF and follow the guidance below:


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