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Facility Development

Facility Development 

Nottinghamshire FA, through a broad range of strategic priorities and investment, aims to increase the quality and quantity of pitches and facilities, providing increased opportunities and enjoyment for all. 

Nottinghamshire FA’s Business Development Manager has a key role to support facility development. This may involve support to determine project feasibility, guiding you through the funding that may be available and most appropriate and assistance with Business & Football Development Planning.

Nottinghamshire FA understands the importance of high quality facilities for football across the County and works hard with key stakeholders to understand the demand, the need to protect playing fields and address any issues around the potential loss of facilities. Funding for facilities is constantly changing, but The Nottinghamshire FA aims to keep you up-to-date with the main funding bodies that can support the development of facilities.

The FA, via its investment into The Football Foundation supports projects that will make a difference to a football club and the community it serves. Nottinghamshire FA, The FA and The Football Foundation will continue to offer advice and support in relation to facility projects where it is considered to be of benefit to football and in addition, will try to identify any other relevant funding sources or seek to work with you to reduce overall project costs.

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