Football floodlights

Shared Access

Find out how your club can obtain free new floodlights

Your club could benefit from free floodlights and other capital investment through The FA’s association with Shared Access, a leading telecoms infrastructure provider. 

What is the Scheme?

This scheme offers clubs the chance to receive free floodlights at no cost to the club. Shared Access will pay for and erect floodlights for local football clubs. These floodlights will house state-of-the-art wireless antennas and where available fibre connections, enabling significantly enhanced broadband penetration and mobile phone coverage in the locality. All a club has to do to be included into the scheme is to complete and online enquiry form. To date over 700 clubs have applied for the scheme.

The FA are encouraging as many clubs as possible, without obligation, to sign up, and subject to being in a suitable location, have the opportunity of either obtaining floodlights or other capital investment projects into YOUR Club. There is no cost to the club to apply.

These benefits could include:
• Free fully installed and maintained floodlights
• An ongoing revenue stream to the club
• Planning and installation costs covered

This application is free to the club, just the time it takes to fill in the form online.

I am interested in finding out more, what are the next steps/process moving forward?

To register your club onto the scheme all you need to do is complete an online enquiry form. 

Click here for Enquiry Form

We would also like you to consider the following:-
• Does your Club ground or facility have a mobile phone operator on site?
• Have you been approached by a mobile phone operator in the past?
• Do you have existing floodlights?
• Do you have planning permission to install floodlights?

If the answer is YES to all or any of the above please complete an enquiry form. If your answer is no to all of the above and you still are interested in capital investment into your Club please complete the enquiry form. Shared Access will still be interested in you signing up to the scheme.

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