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Club Affiliation Process 

Clubs that want to play any form of football including in organised leagues or friendly fixtures, need to be affiliated by the Nottinghamshire FA.

The FA Whole Game System has updated the way grassroots football is administrated, allowing Clubs, Leagues, Referees, Players and Volunteers to benefit from a 24/7, online system.

Benefits of the Whole Game System

  • Affiliate to Nottinghamshire FA online
  • Manage finance online including payments
  • Process discipline online
  • Submit Charter Standard applications online
  • Apply for league sanctions online
  • Manage player registrations online
  • Have 24/7 access to your club records

You can access the Whole Game System here.

You will need to know your email/FAN and password that you would use for Member Services

What is Whole Game?

Whole Game is a system that allows all members of grassroots football to access their administration process online at any time, including league and club affiliations, discipline, referee registrations and league sanctioning.

Clubs will be able to completely affiliate online through a simple step by step process, as well as being able to receive discipline and make payments instantly which reduces time and spending for clubs. Clubs will also be able to make amends to their own information ensuring details are kept up to date easily.

Referees can send in their match reports online through the portal, as well as their re-registration.

Get In Touch

By Phone: 07496 416271

By Email: Affiliation@nottinghamshirefa.com

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