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Bespoke Courses

As a County we are always looking at ways in which we can run more courses, with the 2018/19 season’s core course programme looking to have more courses than ever before!

However we also want to make sure we meet your needs as a club, which is why we offer bespoke courses.

Bespoke courses are available to clubs who have a large number of coaches who all need the same qualification at the same time, whether this is a coaching qualification or a renewal in First Aid and Safeguarding.

Nevertheless, what we also want to prevent is a club booking a bespoke course and then realising they are going to struggle to fill the spaces, causing a late notice cancellation which is both detrimental to the club and the tutor. If you only have a few coaches per club, this is what our core programme is for.

To ensure we are able to meet the needs of our volunteer workforce in the most effective and efficient manner, we are changing the way in which bespoke courses are booked. The below outlines the process of booking a bespoke course:

Step 1: Window of interest

There will be 2 month ‘window of interest’ blocks staggered throughout the season where clubs are able to send a bespoke course application form in. Only the clubs who send applications in during this period will be considered for a bespoke course, if you miss this timeframe you will have to wait until the next application period.

By doing this, clubs are able to forward plan for the season to make sure things such as Charter Standard criteria is met, and it also allows us and our tutors to manage availability which ensures a high quality course experience for everyone at your club.

Step 2: Process Applications

Once the application window has ended, we will look through all bespoke forms and decide whether there is a need for the course at your club. It may be a case that we suggest two clubs who are geographically close to each other, team together and put on a combined course for both clubs.

You will be notified about your application within 2 weeks of the deadline.

Step 3: Confirm Booking

Upon successful application of a bespoke course, we will work with you to confirm dates/times/facilities etc. to get this booked in.

Step 4: Payment

Once all details are confirmed, a deposit must be paid which covers the tutor fees. The course will not be booked in until the deposit has been made.

The remaining payment must then be paid at least 2 weeks before the course takes place.

By following the above steps, we are aiming to improve the current offer surrounding bespoke courses which we hope will benefit you as a club.

When can you apply for a bespoke course?

The first Window of Interest is open NOW and will close on the 20th April.

How do I apply for a bespoke course?

To apply for a bespoke course, please fill in the booking form and email to