Priory Celtic Tournament


After a particularly wet and snowy winter, which has led to game after game being postponed, giving immense headaches to leagues and clubs, I’m sure that you are all looking forward to lighter nights, warm evenings and BBQ dinners.

Traditionally football took a break in the summer, giving players, parents, pitches and in particular coaches a well-earned rest, so they can re-charge their batteries and come back for pre-season with a spring in their step, and raring to go.

Things have changed over recent years, with lots of teams wanting to continue playing during the summer months, and if that applies to your team, then there are plenty of opportunities within Nottinghamshire.

Tournaments and festivals are a great opportunity for clubs to showcase what they do, and raise some much needed funds to help them set up for the following season. There are lots of flyers and posters on Nottinghamshire league’s social media pages, so it’s not difficult to find details of the events going on. As a county FA we sanction tournaments and as we can’t recommend one event in favour of another, we thought the best thing to do was to simple list those we are aware of, and you can make up your mind if and where you want to take your team.

For more details then please contact the club or organiser direct:

UK Football Tours (Nottingham Football Centre) - March 30th/31st

Eastwood CFC - March 30th & April 2nd

Collingham FC - May 5th/6th

UK Football Tours (Meadow Lane) - May 11th & 13th

Underwood Villa (Bracken Challenge) - May 19th

Carlton Town - May 19th/20th

Newark Referee Society - June 3rd

Quarrydale United - June 9th/10th & June 16th/17th

Newark Town - June 9th/10th

Sherwood Colliery - June 9th/10th

Newark Flowserve - June 9th

Ruddington Village - June 9th

Woodhouse Colts - June 16th/17th & June 30th/July 1st

Southwell City - June 16th/17th

Fernwood Foxes - June 16th/17th

Market Warsop - June 17th & June 24th

RHP Colts - June 23rd/24th

Priory Celtic - June 30th/July 1st

Mansfield Society of Referees (Debdale Park)  - July 1st

Calverton Miners Welfare - July 14th/15th

Warriors FC - July 14th

Phoenix Youth FC - 21st/22nd July

Kickstart League (Summer league) - Between June 4th & July

The Nottinghamshire FA will be out and about this summer so if you see us at one of the tournaments then please come and say hello. It’s a great way to let us know your thoughts on how football is run and administered in the county, and we are always happy to listen.

Have a great summer of football if you decide to play. If you decide to have a break, just have a great summer.