Tactics board from youth module course

Coaching Session of the Month

Follow the pass

Area 15 x 15

Players x 4

Ball x 1

Progression- Add another ball

Progression- remove ball and make 1 player a defender

Progression- add second ball and ask defender to ‘press’

Set target of 5/10/15 passes


Weight of pass

Timing of pass

Create the angles off the ball

Receiving the ball

Your next move? Think 2 moves ahead


Follow the Pass Coaching Plan

Small sided game 1

Area 30 x 15

8 players 5 v 3

1 x ball

The 3 press and can score at either end of the pitch.

The 5 try and keep the ball.


Position and movement of the 5

Weight of pass

Time of pass

When to dribble when to pass

Creating angles off the ball

Small Sided Game Coaching Plan

Small sided game 2

Area 40 x 25

5 x 25 end zone

6 v 6 in the middle area

2 players in each end zone

The 12 players in the middle can use either set of players in the end zone to help them keep on the ball

Progression- to only use one side making the game directional

Once player in end zone receives ball they can come into the middle section and swap with the player they passed with.


Players in the end zone creating angles to receive the ball

12 players in the middle using player in space

When to dribble when to pass (relieve the pressure)

Smalled Sided Game Coaching Plan 2