Saturday Junior Winners 16/17

County Cup finals statement

As a county we strive to run our cup final matches at suitable facilities.

County Cup Finals

The Nottinghamshire FA County Cups sponsored by Bluefin Sport have delivered 20 individual competitions during the 2017/18 season, and we strive to run the final matches at suitable facilities across the county.

We have had open dialogue with all three football league clubs since the start of the season around use of their grounds to host the final. However, this year has proved to be difficult for us to secure a booking due to planned pitch maintenance at Nottingham Forest, and current league positions for Mansfield Town and Notts County.

It is great to see both Notts County and Mansfield Town doing well in the EFL division two, and both have been fully supportive of trying to facilitate a final. Due to their current success, understandably, they can’t commit to a date to host a game as this may be cancelled due to playoff games. Due to the Division 2 Play-Off Final being on the 28th May, we felt this left too long after the conclusion of the season to look for a confirmed date. The previous two seasons we have had to postpone Senior Cup Final’s on the day due to waterlogged pitches (2015/16 Saturday Senior at Mansfield Town and 2016/17 Sunday Senior and Women’s Senior at Notts County).

We are still working with them to establish if they could host, but both clubs in the final also need to know a date to prepare for. Therefore, we have chosen to host our Saturday Senior Final at Eastwood Community on 3G, on Wednesday 9th May. If there are any changes to this they will be announced in due course.