The Nottinghamshire FA Board Room

Nottinghamshire FA Staff Furlough

Information of staff availability due to furlough.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances we are all currently facing, including the ongoing suspension of football, and to ensure the financial impact of this is lessened, the NFA board has made the decision to agree with certain members of staff that they will be placed on furlough leave. (Updated 05/05/2020)

Effective from Friday 8th May 2020 all Nottinghamshire FA staff shall be on agreed furlough leave with the exception of those listed below:

Elaine Oram, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Safeguarding Lead,
Leanne Woodhead-Groves, Business Development Manager, 

Furlough leave is a temporary leave of absence for economic reasons and is designed to save jobs in the long term. The position will be kept under review in terms of when furloughed members of staff will be returning and any updates will be communicated. They are all looking forward to returning to their roles and continuing to support the game in Nottinghamshire as soon as possible.

We trust everyone involved in football will understand the basis for the decision and we apologise for any inconvenience it may cause. The members of the team who will remain working will continue to deliver a high level of service and support the grassroots football community during this testing time. We ask that any enquiries are directed through to the relevant staff members listed above.

Please continue to follow government advice and stay safe; we look forward to resuming football again soon.