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Coach of the Year 2020 - Matt Lawson

The Nottinghamshire FA Coach of the Year (Adult) award has been won by Matt Lawson

Coach of the Year (Adult) 2020 - Matt Lawson

We caught up for a chat with Matt, a UEFA B Licenced coach who manages Bingham Town Women as well as coaching Notts County FC’s Inclusion squad.

“There are so many good coaches in the area, its very much shared. This award is for all of our players and for all the people at Bingham Town Football Club. Behind the scenes, every club has people going above and beyond to create the right environment for coaches to focus on the football”.

Grassroots football is driven by those who give so much that keep all our clubs going and in partnership with the FA, football is sticking together despite a difficult year.

This is echoed by Matt when reflecting on the year he and assistant manager Julian Wilson have had. “Being involved with the Nottinghamshire FA this year has been really beneficial. The quality of coach delivery on the courses is superb, alongside all the opportunities to learn about how to become better. Every coach is always improving and there are new ideas to bring into your training. We now know more about how fitness, diet and modern coaching can help players at all levels of the game. Above all, it has to be fun for the players, something Julian and I input to every session we do”.

Leanne Woodhead-Groves, Notts FA Head of Football Operations, said “Football is thriving in Nottinghamshire and our awards reflect the good work going on. Matt invests a lot of time into the team, creating a happy place for players to develop their skills. It’s clear to see that the players enjoy playing for this coach”.

Matt Lawson