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Notts FA Update on Player Registrations

13 August 2021

Many of you will have received a message from The FA this morning regarding the issues being experienced with the new Player Registration System via the Club Portal. 

FA Statement 13/8/2021 

We are also aware that many of you have been struggling to complete the process over many weeks and have come to us for support and guidance. 

Whilst, thanks to Julie and the Team, we have been able to assist many of you we appreciate that with only a short time to the start of the season the priority is to complete the player registrations in time. 

The requirements for player registration for season 2021-2022 are as follows: 

Youth Players
All individuals in Nottinghamshire FA sanctioned youth leagues must be registered online via the Club Portal for the 2021-22 season. Parental Consent needs be obtained from the players’ parent / carer prior to registration for this season. This can be done either via offline or online consent - we recommend online consent wherever possible. 

It is mandatory for all youth players to have a parent/carer FAN (FA Number) attached to their registration for the coming season. We are aware that one of the system bugs is that is may allow registrations without this currently and prior to this being resolved many players have been registered without the mandatory requirement being met. We will work with the leagues to ensure that these players do have their parent/carer FAN attached as early in the season as possible to ensure compliance. 

To try and assist as many clubs as possible to complete their player registrations with online consent the office will be opening from 10am – 8pm Monday 16th August – Friday 20th August where staff will be available to assist with the process. 

The FA conducted training sessions back in March and have a recording of one of the training sessions that covers all aspects of the new Club Portal, this can be found here.

In the meantime we thank you for your continued patience during this busy time. 

Elaine Oram