WGS Registration Blackout

From 10th to 17th March
player registration tab in WGS will be unavailble

Nottinghamshire FA has been informed by the Grassroots Technology team at The FA that there will be a period of downtime on the Whole Game System for Player Registration between 10 March and 17 March 2021.

During the registration blackout, the player registration tab in WGS will be unavailable as well as the Club & Competition portals but all other functionality will be online so, for example, leagues will still be able to create new development groups and add teams to them as they prepare for a return to football.

All leagues & clubs will be sent a service email notifying them of the downtime and launch date, as well as a message to check their data before we transition. Leagues will be requested to close off any pending registrations as they will not be migrated to the new portals.

Data Cleanse Activities
We highly recommend that clubs undertake the following data cleanse activities before the blackout;

Detach any players no longer associated with their club
Ensure all players have a Date of Birth & a Gender
Ensure all players are assigned to the correct teams

Finally, if any Leagues or Clubs have not signed up to the training for the new Player Registration System, please do so via these links, as it will go live from 17th March 2021: 

clubs training link

leagues training link