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Youth Council Applications Open Now

Youth Council Applications Open Now!

The Nottinghamshire FA Youth Council has been involved in delivering key County FA
projects ranging from event management to supporting coaching and refereeing
development initiatives. The Youth Council is supported by County FA Staff who actively
mentor our inspiring leaders as they work to change the football landscape in the County.

We are proud of the achievements of our Youth Council; previous members have been
selected onto the FA’s Youth Council and gained employment within the sport industry
developing sport for future generations.

As we open applications for the 2021/22 Youth Council, we caught up with outgoing
Chairperson Stacey Wilkinson, who has played an important role in developing the Youth

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Stacey thanks for joining us and first of all thank you for your hard work and support for
the Youth Council, we are sad to see you stepping down as Chairperson. Can you tell
everyone a little more about your involvement in our Youth Council?

Yes no problems, My journey with the Notts FA Youth Council started in 2019 as a youth
council member and in 2020 I was successful in obtaining the position of chair.

During your time with the Youth Council, what skills did you develop and especially as
Chairperson of the Youth Council?

The Chairperson role helped me developed my confidence massively; the FA staff made it
clear from the start that I was supported in the role but also gave me the tools to lead the
team. Being the Chairperson also taught me how to communicate with people more
effectively, from communicating with the team to helping support on events and speak to
external people, each occasion was an opportunity to learn.

That’s great to hear, do you think your time in the Youth Council enhanced your
employability and if so in what way?

My time at the Youth council has definitely enhanced my employability, I'm now able to
discuss in interviews the skill set that this opportunity has given me and pick out key
moments where myself and the team were able to have an impact.

Looking at making an impact, as a group what do you think has been the Youth Council’s
impact within Nottinghamshire FA?

The youth council as a whole has supported many events across Nottinghamshire from
tournaments, refereeing support and coaches clubs. Before the pandemic, the group were
planning several projects to support within the community of Football and hopefully these
can begin in the upcoming season. The Youth council members as individuals have had a
massive impact on Football withing the Nottinghamshire community, every member of the
team has a touch point within the community.

That touch point within the community is important and can help with that link from the
County FA to the pitch. What can the Youth Council do next in its development?

I think the next steps for the Youth Council is to begin to look at where they can best support
the Football community and identify areas where they can utilise their skill sets. Potentially
looking at supporting with clubs, education environments and the county FA itself.

Brilliant, before you leave us what golden nugget of advice would you give any young
person looking to apply for the Youth Council?

The piece of advice I would give to anyone looking to apply for the Youth Council is go for it.
Be honest in your application and just be yourself, this is a great opportunity to develop
yourself whilst supporting the development of the Football community in Nottingham.

Thank you to Stacey for your time and offering some excellent advice to our young football

If you are interested in applying for the 2021/22 Nottinghamshire FA Youth Council, you can
do so by clicking the link below


2021/22 Nottinghamshire FA Youth Council application form

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