Latest Safeguarding Update

The latest safeguarding update from Nottinghamshire FA

Safeguarding 365

As we enter March, the CFA is due a Safeguarding 365 Independent Assessment by the NSPCCs Safeguarding in Sport Unit. Every CFA is assessed against a framework of safeguarding standards to ensure each CFA has systems and procedures in place to safeguard children and adults at risk. Safeguarding resources and information are available here.

Validation Visits

Every season each CFA must complete a percentage of unannounced safeguarding validation visits. The purpose of the club visits is to ensure the officials named on Whole Game System are present at games or training with youth/girls’ teams and those officials have a valid FA DBS. The visits are also a great way to engage with players and parents/carers to see how safeguarding is embedded across the club.

Safeguarding for Parents & Carers

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility - Every parent/carer is encouraged to complete the free FA Safeguarding Awareness course for Parents & Carers. The course can be completed online and only takes 30 minutes. Click below to learn more.