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Let's Make It A Safer Summer

Let’s Make It A Safer Summer For Our Children.

The summer holidays are coming again, and we hope that more children will be encouraged to participate in sporting activities once they break up from school.  

Finding activities for your children can be challenging. The market in summer sports camps and activities has increased significantly in recent years with many sports providers delivering high-quality sports activities that children can access. However, parents need to be mindful that this area of children’s provision is largely unregulated and as such parents need to do their “due diligence” before letting their child attend especially as we know many children may not be confident speaking out if something was wrong.

Take steps to ensure your child is safe whilst participating in their chosen sport, ask questions, and find out who to approach if you have a concern. Be sure that your child knows who the safeguarding/welfare officer is at the Club or Provider too.

To help parents, children and sports clubs, the NWG Network has partnered with the Lawn Tennis Association to develop a campaign called “Safe to Play”. The short videos are accessed using the QR code below.

The NWG Networks sports team are happy to talk about any aspects of safeguarding in sports and feel free to get in touch with Kevin Murphy, Safeguarding in Sport Lead 01332 585371 / 07399 449045