2017 Long Service Award WInners

Referee Awards

Nottinghamshire FA Long Service Award

The Nottinghamshire FA is promoting an award scheme for continuous service to those involved in Refereeing. It is important that we recognise and thank those who have contributed to the refereeing family in the County.

Active referees, observers, instructors and mentors can all be nominated to receive a Continuous Service Award as long as they are registered to the County FA or have been for the length of time the service is being award (to qualify for the later they must still be registered within another County).

Continuous Service Awards are available as follows:

10 Years Certificate
20 Years (Bronze) Certificate
30 Years (Silver) Certificate
40 Years (Gold) Certificate & Award
50 Years (Platinum) Certificate & Award

It is not a requirement for you to submit it is possible to nominate an individual.

Please complete the sections in the form to the best of your knowledge, please note all qualification dates will be checked to our records.

All officials receiving certificates and awards will be notified during the playing season as to the format of their presentation.

Please note all nominations that match The FA’s criteria will also be send direct to The FA.



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