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 Referee Registrations will be administered via Whole Game System.

Each season, referees must register to Nottinghamshire FA in order to be active and referee on affiliated leagues. Referee Registrations will be completed via Whole Game System.

We have uploaded a registration video guide to talk you through the process on the system: 



We will advise you of the date to register for. Whilst in most cases you will be advised of this date by email it may be advisable to also visit your County FA website for any updates.

Yes, you can register manually but you will require a Registration Form from us, contact Marc Birkett.

Each County will have a set of products which can be purchased during the registration process.

You will be able to use all leading credit and debit cards

It would be useful to have a record of any additional Referee training you have done (such as Mini Soccer or Futsal) as this information can be added during the registration process. Finally you will need a valid credit card to pay your registration fee and any other associated purchases.

Only Referees who are over the age of 16 (on the date of registration) and who intend to officiate in youth football (i.e. under 18) need to have an FA accepted CRC. In the event that you do not possess an FA accepted CRC and you indicate during the registration process that it is your intention to officiate in youth football, you will still be able to complete your Referee Registration but will need to have an FA accepted CRC in place by September 1st.

This information is used by The FA for monitoring purposes only.

This can be found on your Registration Card or invoice from last season. It may also be printed alongside your name in the Referees’ Section of your County Handbook. Alternatively it can be obtained from Marc Birkett.

Most probably you have turned eighteen during the twelve months since you last registered. Please contact Marc Birkett who will advise you of the next step.

Yes, you will be able to do this within the registration process.

Yes, this can be done within the registration process.

This facility allows you to advise your RDO/League of any dates on which you are unable to accept appointments.

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