MANvFAT Football

Where the biggest losers win 

MANvFAT football is a 14-week, six-a-side football league, which has been specifically designed to support overweight and obese men looking to improve their physical and mental health. 

Is MANvFAT Football for me?

Teams of men play weekly football with a weigh-in before kicking off. The goals from the game are added to bonus goals teams can earn through their performance on the scales. The process gamifies weight loss and makes this the only league where losers win!

The league is designed to support men with a multi-layered behaviour change process which engages men through the game and through online and offline support networks.

Players must have a minimum BMI of 27.5 to be eligible for the league.


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Visit and choose Nottinghamshire venue Mansfield as
your location. Use referral code: NottsFA This code will entitle players to a £4.99
registration fee.

Game duration is 30 minutes long. Players are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to kick-off
time to allow time to weigh in and warm-up.

Age is no barrier; players range from 18-60 years of age with the majority average of players
being aged between 28-40.

Almost 80% of the players sign-up on their own so don’t be afraid if you don’t know anyone
in the league, you will soon make friends.