Girls School Football

FA Girls Football School Partnerships

FA Girls Football School Partnerships supported by Barclays
“Ensure every girl has equal access to football in school and clubs by 2024.”
The FAGFSP is a nationwide scheme that aims to mainstream football in schools for girls. The initiative will aim to create a network of 300 school
partnerships by 2024, each with a dedicated education expert with the knowledge and understanding of education and girls’ football in their local area. 

The Barclays investment will give girls the best chance to experience football in the PE curriculum, as well as the opportunity to participate, lead and compete–
giving them equal access to our much-loved national game. 

We currently have 3 partnerships from the County involved in supporting this programme and driving the engagement of females within Primary and Secondary Education
establishments to get involved in the game and here’s why they got involved.

To find out more about the school’s programme follow the link to the website;  

Pledge Certificate

The reason I applied is that we have been increasing girls football in the district as an alternative winter option for football, however this has been developed through futsal, using the indoor sports halls at local secondary schools has enabled us to increase participation in girls futsal/football. After running several events over the winter months I felt that the FA GFSP program was a great opportunity to take things to the next step, to engage more girls in playing football and to create more opportunities to introduce the game to those who do not want to play competitively across younger age groups.With all this in mind and increasing the structure of girls football in the area I feel that this girls only approach will give girls a new lease of life, boost confidence and hopefully give them something they can take into their adult lives and more importantly, for football being a vehicle to improving the knowledge and lifestyle of girls into adulthood. My aim from here is to not only support those older girls already involved in clubs, but that this can cascade down into younger key stages using the Active Play through Storytelling
- FAGFSP Newark & Sherwood Programme Lead, Simon Mitchell (The Joseph Whitaker School). 
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